So since forever I've had this problem and I'm not sure why.If i plug in my headset and my speakers into my computer, neither work. I want them both to work at the same time or atleast so I am able to click one on and one off without having to plug and unplug...Sound worked fine before installing XP Pro SP3......after instal, no audio.

Now, you don't need to create a virtual device before mounting.

All you need to do is to mount any image you like, and the device will be created automatically.

As you can see, it's a program with plenty of possibilities.

Obviously, not all the above-mentioned features are available in the Lite version, but only the most basic ones that can get us out of a tight spot at any given moment: Before we continue, you should know that there are several versions of this software and each one of them adapts to different circumstances and needs, so depending on exactly what you require, one or the other will be a better option for you.

Is it a faulty card or MB as I've tried a newer version of drivers.

This card worked fine on my other MB and has only just started doing it since the new build. So, whenever I play a somehow high ressource demanding game for 1-2 hours, my PC inevitably crashes.Comp is: W7 ultimate MB = Asrock X79 Extreme 9 CPU = I7... What happens is everything freezes and the sound seems to be looping (sometimes can be very loud). Since DAEMON Tools Lite 5, new device management system is introduced.Apparently, I've been out of the loop when it comes to ISO files.I've been using my own program that I made that simulates the CD/DVD bit for bit and it has never failed me.When using Daemon Tools, what's the difference between a DT Virtual Device and an SCSI Virtual Device? I remember the good old days when it was just simply a virtual CD or DVD.