In the second season, Sinclair, the new show-runner, maintained the previous developments but presented a more comedic take on the character.

Mc Cord has expressed fondness for the multi-faceted nature of the role, citing it as a factor in her decision to accept the part.

Dixon’s accident will be a major plot point on the fifth season premiere with the return of his mother, Debbie (Lori Loughlin) to care for him.

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During early stages of production, Naomi was largely described as a privileged and popular teenager.

Prior to the series' premiere, Sachs and Judah would further develop Naomi into an antiheroine with a number of flaws, virtues, and familial issues.

Naomi Clark was initially developed by the series' original show-runner, Rob Thomas, who was succeeded by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah prior to the premiere.

Early press releases described the character as a privileged, attractive, and popular teenager, the first series of the franchise which launched 90210.

As for what the two will discuss in therapy, she said, “My character personally hasn’t been through something but my father has been through something horrible.” She continued, “It’s an emotional therapy group where you’re just talking about the horrible things that you’ve been through.” Teasing us about their plot line, she told us there is a huge scene that links the two together.

Could she possibly be a new love interest for the injured character?Jessica Parker Kennedy, best known for her role on the CW’s short-lived “Dixon and I meet at a group therapy meet where people come and talk about things that have happened to them or things that have happened to people that are really close to them,” she told us when she visited the Celebuzz studio.What else did the actress spill about Dixon and Megan’s relationship this season?Afterward, she unveils a more pleasant demeanor as the two spend time together, but also reveals an opportunistic side by attempting to plagiarize one of Annie's papers.Upon being caught, however, she becomes offended when others express doubts about her ability, and seeks to prove that she can complete the work herself.However, her birthday party is disrupted by the news that Ethan has been unfaithful to her.